Muna Arzouni

Photography by Ruby Woodhouse
Words by Yasmine Ganley
Celebrated for her original style and holistic approach to everyday practices, Muna Arzouni, originally from the Middle East, now blends her cultural traditions with a lifestyle immersed within the West London community, where she and her family have been living for the past 19 years.

Muna wears her Diamond Kimono from the Always Collection.

“My MS coat is my treasure. Every time I put it on it is as if I’m wearing it for the first time. Its magic is eternal. It certainly gives me confidence, I feel like a female warrior in it”
Do you collect anything?
The only thing I seek to collect is precious moments with my family.

On the experience of motherhood -
Motherhood has been full of surprises. It’s an out of control, erupting volcano of overwhelming love, strength (that I never thought I could acquire), vulnerability, daily battles, joy and pride. It is becoming a river of patience for the trees that are slow to grow, so that someday they’ll bear the best fruit.

Do you have a spiritual practice?
I practise spirituality in most of my everyday activities. Whatever I do or say, I try to do it with mindfulness and dynamic consciousness.

a few of your favourites. . .

book -
The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

song -
Anything by Umm Kulthum or Fairuz

location - 
Douma, a mountain village in Lebanon